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Disciple Children By Example

Grandparents who were great examples in an old car
Granny Pluma and Grandaddy Ozell

Lessons from Granddaddy Ozell and Granny Pluma - Disciple Children By Example

50 years ago as a young bride, we visited my husband’s grandparents. I was amazed at

their wealth of knowledge. They did not finish high school but had raised four wonderful

children of their own and two other sets of children.

Lesson One: Obey God's Commands

A neighbor and his wife had a wagon accident and their children had no

one to raise them. Pluma and Ozell did not hesitate. Those children became theirs and

were raised with their own children. They were not wealthy but were driven by living God’s

commands. The farm fed them all.

Lesson Two: Love Reading the Bible Daily

When Ozell would come in from work, he would sit in his favorite chair,

wipe his sweaty brow as he removed his hat, and reach for his Bible. He would open to

where he had left off the last time and just read a few verses and put it back on the

table. It was automatic. I had never seen anything like that, but knew that when I had

children, I wanted them to remember that I, too, had a love of Scripture.

Lesson Three: Encourage Others

Smiling. I cannot remember a time when Granny Pluma did not look pleasant. She was always encouraging her children, grandchildren, and those around her. Even when her husband died after more than 60 years of marriage, she was sad, but so loving and encouraging to all around her.

Lesson Four: Pray as a Family

We were all about to go to bed the first time that I stayed with them. First

Granddaddy Ozell read a scripture and then, even as old as they were, immediately

slipped from their chairs and kneeled to pray. I had never seen that before.

Unfortunately, growing up, my family did not pray together. The prayers were so uplifting

and amazing! I remember just being stunned as they interceded for the family and the

country. I wanted to be that person for my children. Ours looked different as we shared

around our evening table and prayed together.

Lesson Five: Proverbs 31

Granny Pluma “looked well to the ways of her household.” Even during the

Depression, they were not without food. She learned to cook everything edible from her

garden and the mountains where she lived. Even in her 80’s there were canned goods

consisting of meat, vegetables, and fruit that she canned herself and stored for winter

eating. It was beautiful seeing her huge closet full of food she had canned herself for

her family. I know that it was a different time and she lived in a totally different world, but

how often we are so busy that we do not take the time to provide nutritionally as we

should for our family?

Lesson Six: We Learn from Example

Discipling children in love for Jesus is done best when it is “caught.” As I look back, I

only saw them once a year, but I often still “see” them kneeling in prayer and Ozell

reading his Bible. I can almost hear her laugh. Our society has pushed our elderly into

communities and homes. Grandparents are sometimes even ignored and thought of as

people whose generation and stories are no longer relevant. That is certainly the devil’s

lie. If we do not pass on the Christian values and the truth of God’s Word to our children

and grandchildren, then we will begin to raise generations who only learn by the

Internet and what the world teaches. Some teachings and knowledge are timeless. How

I wish I had asked more questions and taken better notes when Ozell and Pluma shared

their knowledge!

This was written by my mom about my great-grandmother and great-

grandfather. They lived to an old age, and I was able to know them as well. They lived for Jesus so well, and their example has inspired me as well.

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