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About Rene

Rene is a speaker, author, podcaster, and business owner. Her passion is to encourage discipleship, help others become biblically literate, and establish a biblical worldview. 


Rene recently released a new book, Training Them Wisely - discipling kids. It became a best-selling book on Amazon within six days of its release. She has written Bible studies as well which you can find on Amazon or in the shop


For more than twenty years, Rene has worked with kids in the church as well as the community. She is very actively involved in her church. She has partnered with hundreds of companies, and as a public speaker has spoken at a large variety of groups including Behind the Blue Line, churches, professional women's groups, women's conferences, parenting conferences, and more. Her media appearances include newspapers, magazines, radio, podcasts, TV, and more. 

Rene is married to Eric, and they have seven kids from 5-25 whom she homeschools. In addition to writing, she loves playing games with her kids, being in the mountains, hiking, gardening, and doing anything outside. 


Rene Christensen is a speaker, author, podcaster, founder of Training Them Wisely, and homeschool mom of seven. She is passionate about encouraging discipleship and helping others become biblically literate to establish a biblical worldview. Her most recent book is Training Them Wisely – discipling kids. 

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