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Eighth Grade Homeschool Schedule

Eight Grade Homeschool Schedule

Here is the homeschool schedule for my eight grader. She is very responsible, and tries to stay ahead in her work. She wants to get a year ahead in math and chooses to sometimes spend additional time on math when she finishes something else early. She does a great job of asking for help when needed, and is easy to homeschool.

6:00 All my kids from fifth grade and older are up and ready by 6:00. They start their quiet times at 6:00 every weekday morning.

7:00 breakfast and chores

8:00-9:00 math

9:00-11:10 history, literature, writing, Bible, speech (The amount of time needed for this varies from day to day. My kids know which assignments are due when, and I encourage them to use their time wisely. They will be making their own schedules in high school, and I allow them to practice now. If she is ahead, she can go ahead and complete science and Spanish.)

11:10-11:25 Spanish

11:25-12:00 Science

12:00-1:00 lunch

1:00-2:00 family circle time

2:00-4:00 She completes any remaining work. If there is a larger research paper, she will work on that during this time. She is very interested in programming and spends her educational free time working on programming and technology classes she has chosen.

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