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Fun Date Ideas at Home

With the upcoming holidays, it can be hard to squeeze in date nights, so Rebekah and I were chatting about date night ideas at home. When our kids were younger, the only way we could go on a date was if it was at home since our families did not live close by.

Here is a list of ideas we came up with. If you have other ideas, drop them in the comments. I can always use new at-home date ideas!

  1. Date walk around the neighborhood and chat.

  2. Fancy meal at home. You can dress up.

  3. Around the world meal. Each course can be a different part of the world.

  4. Make homemade pizza in the shapes of hearts.

  5. One pie, 2 forks

  6. Dress up and do takeout.

  7. Eat food from a specific country and pretend you are in France, etc.

  8. PJs and breakfast for dinner. When you get home from work, go ahead and get in your PJs and then enjoy your breakfast for dinner.

  9. Dance party.

  10. Online dance lines together.

  11. Play music together.

  12. Go on a drive at night and let your kids fall asleep in the back and chat while looking at the stars.

  13. Have a couples' spa night.

  14. Couples massage.

  15. Board game nights.

  16. Escape room online.

  17. Movie night and cuddles.

  18. Era nights. Dress up from the era of the movie you are watching and have creative snacks.

  19. Snuggle outside on a blanket.

  20. Write a love letter at night and then read it in the morning.

  21. Make pottery/crafts together.

  22. Make your bedroom like a fake hotel room.

  23. Wake up early and have breakfast in bed.

  24. Virtual museums/concert.

  25. Camp in the backyard and have S'mores.

  26. Virtual double date.

  27. Couples quizzes.

  28. Make a date night jar. You can choose one once a week.

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