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When You are Busy - Take Time to Spend With God

I have been teaching preschoolers this month about their hearts. There are lessons for adults too in what I have been teaching them. We want our hearts to match God’s heart. We want His desires to be our desires. We do this through prayer, spending time in the Bible, and singing to Him. The amount of time that I spend with Him each day matters. It affects my life, my small and big decisions, and my attitude. After being gone for a week, multiple interviews and meetings today, a new co-op for the kids, preparing for a parenting conference, and just life. I am so busy today! Every moment is very full. However, on my busiest days, I need Jesus. I need that time with Him. I am making sure that I spend extra time with Him today. I am praying as I walk around. We are listening to the Bible as I drive. And I am making sure to keep my focus on Him. This makes even the busiest of days not stressful. God is so good! Don’t let the business of life be an excuse to not spend time with the anchor of your soul. When we don’t have a spare minute, our minutes need to be full of Him. (I am writing this as I am waiting in a checkout line before heading to my next errand.) I want to encourage you to take the time to be with Him. Take the time for conversations with your kids about Him. Sing to Him and talk to Him.

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