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Rene Christensen

Speaker, Podcaster, Author

Rene is a speaker, author, podcaster, and business owner. Her passion is to encourage discipleship, help others become biblically literate, and establish a biblical worldview. She loves speaking about practical ways to grow in your faith, make time for what matters, and disciple kids. 

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Training Them Wisely

discipling kids

Kids are not being exposed to a biblical worldview through school, friends, YouTube, social media, etc. Biblical literacy is critical. We as parents and as a church must help this next generation stand strong in a world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity. 

In Training Them Wisely – discipling kids, we will address challenges faced when trying to spend time in Scripture and prayer. This book will help you . . . 


  • Grow in Your Relationship With God and Other Believers

  • Practically and Lovingly Disciple Kids

  • Equip kids to Have a Firm Biblical Foundation and Know God

  • Understand Common Questions Kids Have Today 

Using the Bible as a basis, I explain how to grow in your relationship with God, be discipled, and disciple your kids. This book is not about a program, but rather about our relationship with God plus intentional, loving, Christ-centered relationships with others.

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 Can there be true unity and peace? Who are we in Christ? How can we stand firm no matter what the circumstances around us are? 


In this letter, the apostle Paul reminds the saints of the greatness of God’s power, explains who believers are in Christ, and shows how true peace, love, and unity among people only happen through Christ as He makes us one when we walk in these truths. In this 7-week Bible study on Ephesians, you will see how this over 2,000-year-old letter continues to challenge believers today to stand firm, walk in unity, and realize that God’s love and power are beyond our comprehension.

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Can there be unity and peace? How can we find our true identity? How can we stand firm no matter what the circumstances around us are? 


In this 7-week Bible study on Ephesians, we learn:


- Who believers are in Christ

- The great power and love of God

- True peace, love, and unity are only possible through Christ 

- To walk in love, wisdom, and light

- How to stand firm in His mighty strength with the full armor of God

- To pray

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God wants to spend time with you each day. How amazing is that! He has given us a treasure, the Bible. We come to know who God is by reading it. He can become your best friend, and you can see how much He loves you! 

In this journal you will find:

-questions to help with your Bible reading 

-prompts for prayer

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How can we find peace, love, hope, and unity? How can we stand firm in the face of peer pressure and media influences? 


In this 7-week Bible study, your preteen will study the entire book of Ephesians with cross-references to help their understanding. The study is brightly colored with fun images to keep your preteen engaged as they study life-changing truths in Ephesians. 


Your tween will learn:


- The gift of salvation

- Who believers are in Christ

- God’s great power and love

- True peace, love, hope, and unity are through Christ

- To walk in love, wisdom, and light

- How to stand firm in His mighty strength with the full armor of God

- To pray

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Can preschoolers learn truths from the Bible? Absolutely! And they can have fun doing so!


In this colorful and engaging 7-week Bible study, your preschooler will study verses from each chapter in Ephesians. Your preschooler will love learning about Ephesians with Benny, Bella, Fluffy, and their family! 


This 5 day a week study includes:


- A daily story that teaches about the verse(s) they are studying

- A weekly key truth

- Daily prayer

- An optional “family fun” activity or craft that reinforces what your preschooler is learning

- Memory verses


This can be used as a stand-alone study or can be used with the corresponding tween, teen, and adult study.

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Do you want your child to love to pray? This is the Bible study for them! 


In this colorful Bible study, your child will learn:


-       How amazing prayer is.

-       How the Israelites approached God in the temple.

-       Where Jesus prayed.

-       When Jesus prayed.

-       About the Lord’s prayer.


This study and prayer journal helps your child develop a meaningful prayer life. 

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