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Books From Training Them Wisely

Welcome! I am so glad that you have stopped by. This link is where you can purchase physical copies of all of Rene's books. As a small, family-owned business, we strive not to go into debt. Therefore, we do not keep many physical copies of our books. If you would like to purchase digital copies and see the inside of these books, click on the other tabs under shop. To purchase any of our products, you can click on the links below to purchase them from Amazon. We will receive a small commission from your purchase which helps us to continue providing resources for families. 

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Philippians Family Bible Studies

Coming Soon

Philippians Teen
Bible Study

Coming Soon

Philippians Adult
Bible Study

Do you want your child to love to pray? This is the Bible study for them!

This study and prayer journal help your child develop a meaningful prayer life.

In this colorful Bible study, your child will learn:

  • How amazing prayer is.

  • How the Israelites approached God in the temple.

  • Where Jesus prayed.

  • When Jesus prayed.

  • About the Lord’s prayer.


Training Them Wisely

Kids are not being exposed to a biblical worldview through school, friends, YouTube, social media, etc. Biblical literacy is critical. We as parents and as a church must help this next generation stand strong in a world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity.

In Training Them Wisely – discipling kids, we will address challenges faced when trying to spend time in Scripture and prayer. This book will help you . . .

- grow in your relationship with God and other believers
- practically and lovingly disciple kids
- equip kids to have a firm biblical foundation and know God
- understand common questions kids have today

Using the Bible as a basis, Rene explains how to grow in your relationship with God, be discipled, and disciple your kids. This book is not about a program, but rather about our relationship with God plus intentional, loving, Christ-centered relationships with others.

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The Real Christmas Story

What is the true story of Christmas? Read through Luke 2 with Bella, Benny, and their family discussing what it means. Your children will love the colorful pictures that bring the Christmas story to life with some of their favorite characters, Bella, Benny, and Fluffy.

Other Resources

Sermon Notes For Kids

Looking for a way to keep your kids focused and learning during sermons? Check out this colorful, kid-focused book, complete with 2-4 page spreads for taking notes each week. The book accommodates young children as well, with two pages for pictures. It features sections for:

  • Favorite song

  • Speaker's name

  • Questions on unclear topics

  • Coloring pages

  • Areas to draw pictures of the sermon

  • Note-taking section

  • Application

  • And more!

Every Day With God

Help your children grow in their faith and learn more about God each day! Each day they can record what they what they learned about God and themselves, how to apply what they read to their lives, and their prayers on colorful, fun pages. Journaling improves a child's ability to retain what they have learned, and they are treasured memories they can look back on.

Scripture Coloring Book

This Scripture Coloring Book contains 33 unique Bible verse coloring pages. This coloring book is great for all ages. The back of each page is blank to allow you to use your artwork however you desire and reduce any bleed-through.

Relax and unwind through coloring. Use these pages to meditate on these Scriptures while expressing creativity through coloring.

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