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Channie's Visual Handwriting Workbooks Review

Channie's Handwriting Books
Channie's Handwriting Books

I love Channie's Handwriting workbooks, so I had to write a review about it. This is hands down the BEST handwriting curriculum I have found for kids with dyslexia or who can't put their letters in the correct space on the line. It really isn't a curriculum, but practice pages. I have three kids with dyslexia. Teaching them to write and form their letters and numbers correctly was incredibly difficult and sometimes seemed impossible. However, one day at a homeschool conference, I found Channie's. There was a sample of a child's writing before and after using their handwriting paper, and I could not believe the difference.

The handwriting sample of a child before using their curriculum, looked just like my son's handwriting. The book was cheap and did not require any teacher participation. I figured it was worth a shot. I am so thankful I decided to give it a try! Within two weeks my son's handwriting looked "normal." His letters and numbers were facing the correct way. Within two months my son's handwriting was excellent and it was a seamless transition to move to regular lined paper.

My son who has the most severe dyslexia was not nearly as quick as my other son. It has taken several months for him to consistently write the numbers and letters correctly. However, within a month of starting this handwriting program, he was able to read "b," "d," "p," and "q" correctly. He is younger, and honestly still needs handwriting daily because of his age. He would still be using handwriting paper in school at this age, and I use this as his handwriting paper during handwriting.

All of their handwriting pages are on grids that are green and white. It allows the child to visualize which letters go below the line or above the dotted lines. Starting on a grid line somehow triggered my kids' brains to be able to tell the difference between commonly flipped letters and numbers.

There are books for preschool and older kids. There are pages where kids can practice their letters as well as common words. I bought blank sheets of paper for my kids to use as they write their daily journal. There are number and math pages as well as cursive pages. The price is incredibly reasonable, and I have been beyond pleased with how well this has worked for my kids. Before these sheets, I spent SO much time trying unsuccessfully to teach kids to not flip their letters. Then, they used these sheets and were able to self-correct and learn how to

write them correctly. My first son I used them on now has beautiful handwriting. I am so incredibly glad that I gave Channie's a chance for my kids!


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