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We Need to Open a Homeless Shelter in Our House . . .

This year, we had some cold days early. On the first cold day, most of my kids were really excited about Christmas . . . since cold means Christmas is coming to them.

But one of my sons stopped me in the hallway and touched my arm. He said, "Mom, it's cold outside, we need to open a homeless shelter in our house or somewhere and help people who don't have a house. I don't want anyone outside when it is so cold."

And just like that, he melted my heart and reminded me of mercy. Everyone has value because they are made in God's image. Not everyone has a home. Some people are cold, some people are hungry, and some people are outside.

Do we think of all people as made in God's image? Are we willing to help others? Are we willing to talk to anyone regardless of their "status" in society?

I loved that my son thought of others and felt mercy towards them. It reminded me of the love and mercy Jesus showed.

Who did Jesus interact with?

  • A Samaritan woman with multiple husbands

  • Lepers

  • Tax Collectors

  • Sinners

  • An adulterer

Who did Jesus die for? He died for the homeless man on the street, the prostitute, the drug dealer, the straight-A student, the CEO of a company, the famous, the outcast, the sick, and everyone in between. All of these people are valuable to Him. They are valuable enough for Him to die for them.

Do we treat others as valuable?

Do we show mercy to others?

Do we in pride consider ourselves better than others with different backgrounds or circumstances?

My son's words challenged me to remember to show love and mercy to everyone.

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