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Homeschool Schedule for Second Grade

Homeschool Schedule for Second Grade

Here is my second grader’s homeschool schedule. I write down times, but our starting time varies from day to day, we just spend this amount of time on each class.

8:00-8:20 Time4Math (I absolutely love Time4Math and wish I would have known about it sooner! My kids use it to learn their math facts. It is such a huge time saver for me, and my kids LOVE it.)

8:20-8:40 Math Seeds

8:40-9:00 break

9:20-9:35 seat work (Critical Thinking Company Mathematical Reasoning and Language Smarts)

9:35-9:50 spelling

9:50-10:10 Bible study

10:10-11:10 quick break then, history, literature, art, science

11:10-11:30 handwriting/writing (We use Channie's handwriting since I have some children who are dyslexic. You can read my review of Channie's handwriting here.)

11:30-1:00 free time with 20 minutes of free reading at some point

1:00-2:00 family circle time

2:00-4:00 free time

4:00 chores

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